Friday, March 19, 2021

How to add threat insight and response to your network


When I hear about interesting new technologies such as IT Services Columbia SC, I start thinking about how I’ll be able to use them and how they’ll be a huge benefit to me… but then the task of the set-up comes to mind and I realize that, actually, it all sounds like a lot of effort. 

When it comes to adding Synchronized Security to your network, though, it’s super easy, and can be done without replacing any of your existing IT cybersecurity Columbia SC infrastructure. That’s right, no rip and replace.

Linking your endpoint and your network, Synchronized Security gives you a clear picture of what’s happening on your network every day, instantly identifies threats and then automatically does something about it when they get in – with Security Heartbeat™ and Synchronized App Control.

How does Synchronized Security work?

The Security Heartbeat™ shares health and threat intelligence between Intercept X and the XG Series to provide at-a-glance health status monitoring as well as automatic real-time response to threats. When a device Heartbeat goes RED, dynamic rules in the XG appliance can automatically cut off that system from other key parts of the network to prevent lateral movement or the leakage of information.

Also, by sharing information on networked applications between our endpoint and firewall products, the Synchronized App Control feature enables you to have visibility and total control over every application running on your network – even rogue, obscure or custom ones – so you can block the apps you don’t want, and prioritize the ones you do.

How do you enable Synchronized Security so easily?

Deploy Intercept X alongside your existing desktop AV, and then add an XG Series appliance to your network… It’s that simple. Don't forget to pay attention to firewalls Columbia SC

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Monday, March 15, 2021

Financial Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are considered as a significant investment. Having said that, it’s only natural to think about its return. And when it’s about managed IT services, there are several benefits that will immediately translate into cost savings.

Before anything else, do you have any idea how managed ITservices Columbia SC can help your business reach different corporate efforts? Here are a few things you need to know.

Money Benefits of Managed IT Services

Managed IT services can help companies in many ways. They ensure that the right resources and people are allocated in the best way possible, which results into financial benefit. Another common way managed IT services help organizations include investing in new resources, boosting customer satisfaction, and optimizing the utilization of current resources, as well as refining the agility of a company. Here are a few financial benefits of managed IT services.

User Productivity

As IT directors and business owners, you turn to technology to boost your productivity and improve how you do business. If your technology doesn’t do that, then there is a problem. You lose money whenever your employers can’t work. Unplanned downtime can cost companies more than $50,000 per 100 users. By having managed IT services, you can cut back on your server and network downtime by over 85%.

Infrastructure Expenses

By working with a managed IT services provider, you can lower your infrastructure costs in many ways. When an IT support Columbia SC provider takes over your infrastructure, you can downsize the amount of your on-site infrastructure through their data centers. You will save on the hardware cost and on the energy that it uses as well as the space needed to house it.

You will also see more savings related to consulting, training, and licensing. All of these requirements will be covered by one monthly investment. IT services are better managed and streamlined through one provider. In general, companies can save more than $100,000 per 100 users only on the cost linked to infrastructure.

IT Staff Productivity

This advantage is directly related to the productivity of your staff, especially your IT department. In many cases, you see an IT staff consumed with fixing malfunctioning equipment or user problems. These tasks will remove their focus from their main responsibilities. IT outsourcing will help your staff stay focused on their priorities.

Minimal Initial Investment

Managed IT services offered by SpartanTec, Inc. can help you offset the cost of the initial investment. Instead of spending a lot of money on software and hardware upfront, you will be paying for the professional service through affordable monthly payments. Since the service is considered an operational expense rather than a capital expenditure, you do not have almost as much resources linked to the management of your business technology. Additionally, updating to a brand new software will be included in your service and that means you don’t have to pay for extra cost just to keep your technology updated.

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Managed Security Service Providers, Choosing the Right Security Vendor

Businesses struggling to secure their networks against determined cyber attackers are facing a perfect storm of challenges: most networks are in the midst of a dramatic transformation, including IoT, virtualization, and the cloud, the number and sophistication of network attacks is increasing, the cost of being breached continues to rise, and the security skills shortage continues to widen. As a result, many CISOs are looking to migrate some or allof their risk out of their IT departments and into the hands of professionals that offer managed IT services Columbia SC.

The challenges facing these MSSPs are also considerable, including defending scores of customers while balancing security effectiveness against business profitability. As a result, today’s MSSPs need tools that are highly scalable, support multi-tenant environments, and provide robust, single-pane-of-glass management and orchestration.

They also need reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective security that allows their networks to dynamically adapt to changing risk environments, and that can also scale to secure hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of customers at once, even when traffic spikes unexpectedly.

To make this happen, MSSPs must select a security vendor that not only ensures their own success as a service provider, but also the security of the customers they protect. With hundreds of thousands of customer nodes under management, and billions of dollars of assets under their protection, the world’s top MSSPs hold their firewalls to extremely high standards for reliability, functionality, and flexibility.

Functions of the MSSP

At its core, an MSSP must provide two kinds of basic IT services Columbia SC: security asset management and continuous monitoring. Customers with multiple locations and business-critical applications running across the network have stringent uptime requirements, so device management and monitoring are crucial to maintain business productivity.

Many service providers that provide IT support Columbia SC also add security analytics and threat intelligence services to help mitigate new attacks, including actionable intelligence and a comprehensive view of the distributed security infrastructure. Going forward, these firms will likely differentiate themselves in new areas such as penetration testing, threat intelligence aggregation, information portals, and customer self-service.

Many MSSPs will also want to provide security remediation, incident response, compliance services, or loss prevention to further differentiate them in the market. Securing thousands of customer locations, meeting service delivery SLAs, and balancing profitability with engineering headcount and infrastructure are ongoing challenges facing MSSPs, so they need specialized security vendors that understand their business model and can help them meet customer requirements.

Why Top MSSPs Standardize on Fortinet

Frost & Sullivan recently recognized that “Fortinet has achieved a dominant position with MSSPs with its FortiGate line of high-performance firewalls.” In their recent ranking of over 100 network security platforms, Fortinet scored “the highest possible ranking among North American MSSPs.”

Fortinet covers critical aspects of an MSSP’s business model like no other security manufacturer—offering the best in multi- tenancy, the most hardware flexibility, the highest performance through hardware acceleration, and the lowest total cost of ownership of any security vendor.

What Makes Fortinet Different?

Fortinet understands that the MSSP is a strategically differentiated channel partner, and for years has developed technology specifically suited to the MSSP business model. A foundational tenet of our strategy is to enhance our MSSP Partners’ profitability.

Our unique channel enablement strategy creates a symbiotic relationship with MSSPs, as their customers rely on Fortinet products for network uptime and application availability, while Fortinet relies on the MSSP to win new customers with a blend of professional services and high-touch support that reduces our own cost of support.

Fortinet’s MSSP innovative strategy can best be describedin four key pillars or areas of influence: VisionTechnologyEconomics and Support. These areas capture many of Fortinet’s differentiators for MSSPs, and help clarify the reasons for Fortinet’s dominance in the space.


Fortinet’s vision of security designed to operate as an integrated whole, while providing cost-effective performance and protection is key to its long-term position as a strategic business partner for network and managed security services providers.

Fortinet’s Strategic Visionary Investments

  • Industry-leading MSSP partner program
  • Global support from dedicated MSSP teams
  • Enhanced technologies service development support
  • Specialized team supporting best practices, customization, and automation
  • Cloud premium brand and broad support
  • SDN and NFV Development Partner

Fortinet’s vision focuses on ongoing security innovation, advanced threat intelligence, delivering the fastest security platforms on the market, OS portability to secure the cloud and IoT, and leadership in software-defined networks (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).

Fortinet’s vision is actualized around our end-to-endsecurity fabric that allows MSSPs to secure nearly any environment. This approach not only improves security, but also reduces operational costs and complexity for professional service organizations that are entrusted to secure their customers’ networks.


Ten out of ten top global carrier MSSPs use Fortinet in some of the busiest, highest-performance networks in the world. Why is that? There are several reasons:

Technical Dominance in the MSSP Market

  • Native multi-tenancy
  • Customizable centralized management and reporting
  • Extreme performance scalability and platform flexibility
  • Ongoing advanced technology research and development

All of Fortinet’s flagship security products support multi-tenant services and granular, delegated administration. This makesit easy for a service provider to host multiple customers on a single security appliance or provide delegated administrative capacity and single-pane-of-glass management for the security infrastructure.

FortiGate firewalls also offer a broad suite of security controls that provide MSSPs with a full-featured platform to deliver advanced, adaptive security functionality to their customers. This allows the MSSP to deliver a wide variety of managed security services to match their customers’ security requirements.


MSSPs have distinct cost components to consider in their management accounting processes because they preside over a complex business model with profit margins as heavily dependent on operational efficiencies as they are on hardware and software costs.

Average revenue per unit (ARPU) is a key factor for MSSPs as they consider selecting security platforms for a managed security service. MSSPs are obviously looking for a higher return on investment, as they will often own the security asset and depreciate it accordingly.

Fortinet delivers the highest ARPU in the industry due to multiple unified threat management controls and high-performance hardware, allowing the MSSP to convert more services into revenue on a single device. Those aren’t the only reasons. Fortinet also delivers:

  • High-demand, revenue-generating controls
  • Inclusive threat intelligence service
  • Native virtualization per device
  • Enhanced technologies investment

This flexibility and functionality allows MSSPs to turn on more billable security services and secure more users behind one device than any other manufacturer.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is another important economic consideration, as this encompasses the direct and indirect costs of deploying and managing a security platform. Fortinet provides the lowest TCO for a variety of reasons:

  • Scalable, centralized management and open source APIs for automation
  • Cost-effective hardware
  • Simplified subscription and support
  • OS uniformity across hardware and virtual platforms
  • Non-user-based bundled pricing
  • Special pricing models for OPEX
  • Mass deployment and automation toolkits for improved operational efficiencies

Fortinet presents the lowest TCO and highest ARPU of any security manufacturer.


Fortinet’s MSSP vision is global, with dedicated teams in each area of operation functioning under a worldwide standard for MSSP empowerment.

Fortinet MSSP specialists have backgrounds in managed security service provider operations, product development, and training that cross business development and engineering disciplines. They also understand the executive, operational, and sales aspects of the business. This expert level of support, along with the specialized content and tools they create, dramatically shortens market delivery timeframes and product development cycles, and increases the likelihood of a positive product launch while improving go-to-market results.

Fortinet’s MSSP teams also function as subject matter experts in an overlay organization that supports field sales, providing specialized support for partners with a mission of improving profit margins and operational efficiencies. This specialized support comes in the form of product development, financial modeling and engineering assistance, along with operational best practices documentation, market intelligence, and MSSP-specific sales collateral and go-to-market support.

Selecting a security vendor in today’s congested and confusing security market can be a real challenge. Fortinet has more experience and proven success in helping MSSPs build and deploy profitable managed security services than any other vendor in the industry. We have trained, professional teams ready to help you today.

Learn more about Fortinet’s industry-leading MSSP program here.


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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Weighing the Pros & Cons of Managed Security Services Providers


Organizations today are increasingly moving towards managedIT services as an alternative to on-premise and in-house implementations. Working with a managed security services provider can help organizations benefit from best-in-class technologies at a reduced cost and with less overhead.

This offers substantial value to organizations in the SMB sector that don’t have the IT infrastructure or budget to create a modern, comprehensive cybersecurity solution. A cybersecurity managed services provider (MSP) can bridge this gap by delivering services such as network monitoring, patches and updates and responding to service requests—freeing on-premise IT to focus on value-added tasks and innovation.

Three top advantages an MSP can provide include:

  1. Specialized, skilled technicians. To SMBs that rely on a few generalists to keep networks and systems functioning, a cybersecurity MSP provides immediate access to a complete security team with no ramp up time.
  2. 24/7 support and monitoring. Unlike most SMBs, cybersecurity MSPs have the infrastructure and personnel in place to sustain 24/7 IT support and monitoring. This is critical when you consider that many data breaches and security issues occur during off hours. A cybersecurity MSP will notice any suspicious activity and react accordingly.
  3. Best-in-class technology. A managed security service can be instantly deployed without any additional investments in equipment or infrastructure. Cybersecurity MSPs have best-in-class technologies supported by cloud resources. More often than not, what SMBs can afford is no match for what an MSP can deliver.

Factors to Consider When Working With Cybersecurity MSPs

When considering switching to an IT services Columbia SC provider, there are several factors SMBs need to be aware of to minimize risk. One is the on-premise placement of third-party equipment that can add to the vulnerability of a network.

Typically, an SMB connects directly to an MSP through the Internet, but the placement of some necessary on-premise equipment can sometimes interfere or interrupt the connection. Organizations are advised to work with MSPs that have measures in place to prevent and mitigate these risks.

The very nature of entrusting a 3rd party with valuable customer data, intellectual property and other competitive information is risky in itself. Organizations need to carefully vet IT outsourcing companies and make sure their claims of reliability and integrity stand up. Reviews, word-of-mouth, and testimonials can all be used to find an MSP that can be trusted with the protection of your data, brand and business.

In most cases, the advantages of working with a reliable MSP with a proven reputation for integrity and success far outweigh the potential risks. A trusted, experienced MSP can identify issues relating to infrastructure, third-party systems or on-premise technologies that can turn into problems, and cost-effectively deliver a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to address them.

SpartanTec, Inc. works with best-in-class technologies to provide comprehensive and trustworthy protection for organizations’ specialized network security challenges.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

What is data backup?


People and companies depend on data. If you, as a human, need food, water, and air to survive, businesses need data to thrive. About 40% of firms that don’t’ have the appropriate backup or disaster recovery strategy won’t be able to survive a disaster.

Every firm should assign a backup administrator to take care of the whole backup strategy, including backup tools and solutions; the backup schedule, scope, as well as infrastructure; the storage and the network, the recovery point objectives (RPOs), the recovery time objectives (RTOs), and so on. It’s crucial for your company to have a backup plan and solution in place if you don’t want to be a statistic.

What do you need to backup and have a disaster recovery plan?

The main task of a backup administrator is to understand, determine, and manage that data that needs to be backup and protect. To lower the possibility of data loss, you need to backup your applications, operating systems, and configuration – in short, all that you can backup. If you’re using virtualization, you have to back up your management console and the hosts, aside from the virtual machines. If you’re using an IaaS or cloud infrastructure as a service, you have to include that too in the scope. You must also consider the mobile devices. If you don't know anything about it, you can always get a disaster recovery service

Don’t forget to check the scope of your backup whenever you make changes to the infrastructure. New services, solutions, and devices use data. Your goal is to back up everything and to backup regularly.

When picking out a backup solution, make sure that you protect everything. If not, there could be some data that’s not protected and you may have to use different backup solutions.

RPO and RTO – Data Backup

When you have finally determined the scope of the backups, what you need to do next is to know how often you have to backup and what the schedule should be. Your employees and executives will always be changing data and in case of a disaster, the data made from the most recent backup to the time of failure will be lost. This specific period is referred to as the Recovery Point Objective or RPO – it is the maximum period that you can afford to lose data on the systems due to a disaster or unexpected event.

If the RPO is shorter then less data is lost but it needs more backups, storage capacity, network resources, and computing resources for the backup to work. Having a longer RPO may be more cost effective but you have to risk losing more data when an event happens.

The Recovery Time Objective or RTO is another crucial variable that needs to be considered. How fast you could recover from the time the disaster happens to the period you return to the normal operations. If the systems are down, your business will lose money and you have to recover as fast as you can in order to minimize your losses. But, just like the RPO, you need faster storage, technology, and networks for a shorter RTO. But all these mean you will have to pay more. For many organizations and businesses, a few hours of RTO is acceptable.

Data Backup Solutions

Hardware appliances – these include storage such as a 19 inch rack mounted equipment that you have to install and link to a network.

Software solutions – installed on the systems and deal with the backup process.

Cloud services – you will find several IT support Columbia SC providers that offer backup as a service, which allows you to provide and run your backups using the service provider or the vendor’s cloud infrastructure through the installation of lightweight agents on the machines.

Hybrid data backup solutions – gives you the freedom to install or use it as a cloud service.

Backup Storage

A copy of the data will be stored in the backup storage and you should have it provisioned, selected, and always handy for a successful recovery and backup.

The survival of your business depends on the survival of your data. Call SpartanTec, Inc. now and learn how to implement the most reliable and effective data backup strategy for your business.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Lack Of Confidence In Cybersecurity Posture Prompts Increase In IT Budgets

Almost 80% of IT executives and IT leaders think that their companies have insufficient protection against cybersecurity even with the increased investments made on cybersecurity last year in an effort to address the challenges brought on by work-from-home and distributed IT.

That increased level of concern over the capability to address cybersecurity threats in these day’s complicated IT environment has prompted 91% of companies to boost their cybersecurity budgets this year, almost matching the 96% increase in ITspending last year.

The Cybersecurity at Crossroads report was based on the impact of the transition to a work from home setting and the distributed IT landscape on IT security. The survey revealed that 78% don’t trust their organization’s IT security posture and think that improvements should be made. About 32% of the respondents of the study have the least confidence in the IT security posture of their company. About 30% don’t trust their security related technology and 27% on their skillsets and internal teams. They reported the highest confidence level on the data management strategy of their company however only 45% trust this part of security operations.

The Other Key Findings Include:

1.      Cybersecurity is being added into different business aspects, which indicates an increasing recognition of the risk that a cyberattack presents to company operations.

2.      Organizations shifted their cybersecurity modernization priorities last year as a result of the urgent challenges that were presented by the global pandemic.

3.      Most long range and complicated security projects were placed at the back seat to prevent and deal with activities such as anti-virus and anti malware upgrades, firewall as a Service or FWaaS, and multi-factor authentication.

The Survey Includes Key Challenges That Companies Face When Boosting Their Security Posture

1.      55% of the respondents said that lack of automation is the primary challenge in terms of security management and operations. Companies are unable to evaluate and respond to the countless events and notifications generated by the rising complicated security infrastructure.

2.      Only a meagre 27% of the respondents expanded their security staff last year, marking a slight decrease from 30% the previous year. Because of this, IT teams and ITConsultant Columbia SC were stretched thin and without most of the IT support experts needed to perform the range of IT tasks required by the evolving threatscape of the year.

3.      Only 57% performed a data security risk assessment last year even though there was a need to recheck their security posture as new threats came out during the global pandemic.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Why Your Business Needs Managed IT Services


Regardless of the type of business you’re running, your company needs an IT department. Nowadays, technology connects the world and you can’t remain competitive if you’re not part of it. Developing and managing your very own IT department could be quite costly and sometimes impossible for many small businesses. The good thing is that there’s something you can do to deal with your company’s IT needs. You can go for IT outsourcing and let a third party company take care of your IT tasks for you at a price you can afford.



Reasons To Get Managed IT Services


IT Outsourcing

Using managed IT services means you’re handing over your IT needs to a different company who employs experienced IT professionals. Whether you need to optimize your whole network or an equipment needs to be set up on site, IT support Myrtle Beach professionals will come to you when you need their help.

Even if you already have an in-house IT team, you can still use a managed IT services especially when you need extra help from IT experts. A good IT service provider can give you the help you need whenever you need it.

Access To Innovative Technology

You’ll have access to the latest technology when you use managed IT services. As you know, technology constantly evolves and it can be difficult to make sure that your IT team are regularly trained so they’re always updated. Through IT outsourcing, you can always depend on IT experts being trained to deal with the latest tech. It’s convenient and offers you an advantage over your competition.

Consultation and Review

In case you are not tech savvy in today’s world of technology, it could be difficult to determine what systems will work best for your company. Depending on the equipment providers could be problematic because their main interest is to profit by selling their equipment. On the other hand, IT companies like SpartanTec, Inc. will make sure that you are satisfied so you can always rely on them and rest easy knowing that they have your best interest in mind.

Managed services Columbia SC involves a comprehensive review of your existing technology setup. It will let them assess the strengths and weaknesses of your system and suggest the best solutions for your unique situations.


If you are searching for managed IT services that you can depend on, call SpartanTec, Inc. now. With extensive knowledge and several years of experience in the IT field, you can always count on our team of IT experts to provide you with the best IT services. Call us now.


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